My Air

MyAir By Advantage Air

Everon Air is partnered with Australia’s leading air conditioning management system provider, MyAir by Advantage air, to offer our customers the ultimate experience of controlled comfort. Control the temperature of up to 10 individual zones from your smart device.

Life is more comfortable with MyAir

Comfort is feeling totally in control. MyAir gives you up to 10 zones and the power to control the temperature in every room.

Comfort is having everything at your fingertips. MyAir’s touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet – hard wired, permanently powered and always there when you need it.

Comfort is remote control. The MyAir app turns most smartphones or tablets into a wireless remote control, allowing you to control the system from the couch, from work, or from anywhere in the world.

Comfort is reliability. MyAir’s quality components are made right here in Australia We design products to solve real problems and we make sure they are fun and easy-to-use.

Comfort is knowing you are in good hands. MyTeam are your friendly, helpful support people, part of Advantage Air and local, they will help you get the most out of your system. If you ever need assistance it is just a phone call away

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