Ducted Systems

What Is A Ducted System?

A ducted air conditioning system, as the name suggests, works by distributing conditioned air throughout your home through a series of flexible ducts/tubes, discharged out of air outlets either installed on your ceiling or walls.

The internal fan coil unit, typically called an indoor unit, is installed inside your roof cavity. From that central location, the duct work is then dispersed to each area of the home, office or commercial space.

Ducted air conditioning systems are the recommended choice if you’re looking to climate control your entire home, for new home developments and for cooling or heating larger open spaces such as offices.

Ducted air conditioning systems also offer a lot more versatility regarding features and client specifications when compared with traditional split systems. Read more about this below.


The Benefits Of Installing A Ducted Air Conditioning System In Your Home

If your on the fence about what type of air conditioning system to have installed in your home or workspace, here is a shortlist of the benefits of a central ducted air conditioning system to consider, that no other type of system can offer.
  • A ducted system will service your entire room – The most obvious but defining benefit of a ducted system is that you can enjoy climate-controlled comfort throughout your entire home with one touch of a button. 
  • Zoning – a ducted air conditioning system can be integrated with up to 8 or even 10 zones, giving you complete control over which areas of your home you want heated or cooled. For example, a common zone application, typically called ‘day & night zoning’ splits your home into 2 zones meaning you can have your bedrooms controlled by 1 zone, and the rest of your home by another. In short, zoning allows you to control what area of your home you want air conditioned, thus increasing performance efficiency & reducing energy costs, all from one central control point.
  • Energy Efficiency – modern ducted air conditioning systems nowadays offer a range of features that not only control your room temperature more precisely, but also significantly reduce energy consumption. These features include:
  • Inverter technology – an inverter-based system will continually adjust the cooling & heating output based on the room temperature.
  • Sleep mode – both the temperature and noise levels of your system will adjust while you sleep, reducing the total output while ensuring you stay comfortable.
  • Less total capacity required when compared to split systems – We’ve already touched on the feature benefits of zoning, but installing ducted system with zoning in your home also means we can reduce the capacity size of your system by up to 75%. 
  • Motion sensor technology– By the integration of a premium air conditioning management system like My Air by Advantage Air, you get the option of deploying motions sensor with built-in timers in various rooms of your home that detect when you leave the room, and adjusts the temperature an airflow and even turn that particular zone off after a certain period of time, thus reducing energy use. 
  • Aesthetics & usability – Another key benefit of a ducted air conditioning system, is that it can blend so seamlessly into your home or workspace. For one, the indoor fan coil unit is installed either in your roof cavity or under the floor, completely out of sight. Secondly, air vents only protrude slightly from your ceiling or wall and come in a range of styles that can add flair to your home and are much less obtrusive than a typical split system.
  • Quiet operation – because the indoor fan motor of a ducted system is installed inside your roof cavity, the noise generated from your fan coil unit is dampened by the drywall and insulation in your home. Another factor is that a because ducted systems involve air distribution through insulated duct, the noise is further reduced resulting in whisper quiet operation when compared with other types of systems.   
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