Mechanical Ventilation

What Is Mechanical Ventilation?

Ventilation moves or disperses air into or out of a building or room. The general purpose of ventilation in buildings is to provide healthy air for breathing by both diluting and removing the pollutants originating in the building and replacing it with cleaner, fresh air.

The term ‘Mechanical ventilation’ refers to the use of fans to drive air to and from your room or building. Fans can either be installed directly in windows or walls, or in air ducts for the supply or extraction of air.

There a typically 3 types of mechanical ventilation used. These are:

  • positive pressure mechanical ventilation (air being supplied and distributed to a space)
  • negative pressure mechanical ventilation (air being extracted from a space) 
  • balanced mechanical ventilation (the system of simultaneously supplying & extracting air to and from a space in order to remove pollutants in the air whilst maintaining balanced levels of oxygen & humidity) 

The type of mechanical ventilation used depends on climate, room conditions and air pollutants. For example, in a humid room, with minimal natural ventilation, a positive pressure mechanical ventilation system is would generally be used to regulate the level of humidity and reduce the risk of mould build up. For a room with locally generated pollutants, such as a bathroom, toilet or kitchen, the negative pressure system is often used. For areas with low natural ventilation that generate a high level of pollutants that need to be extracted, such as underground carparks, a balanced mechanical ventilation system is often used. 


The Different Applications Of Ventilation Systems

  • Bathroom & laundry exhaust systems.
  • Kitchen exhaust systems. 
  • Outside/supply air systems.
  • Garbage room exhaust systems.
  • Carpark exhaust & supply air systems.
  • Stair pressurisation systems.

Whatever your ventilation needs might be, we’ve got it covered. Our team of expert mechanical engineers, design or modify all of our projects to ensure your room or building is properly ventilated. 

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