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What Is A High Wall Split System?

There are 2 major contrasts between a ducted air conditioning system and a high-wall split air conditioning system. The first, and most distinguishing difference is that a split system is ductless. The fan coil unit pushes air directly through the coil and out into your room. The second major difference is that the indoor fan coil unit of a high-wall split system, as the name implies, is installed on your wall, at high level

High-wall split systems are the recommended choice if you’re looking to climate control a specific area of your home at an affordable price. 

High wall split systems offer a few key benefits compared to other types of systems. Read below to find out more. 


The Benefits Of Installing A Split Air Conditioning System In Your Home

Can’t decide what type of air conditioning system to have installed in your home or workspace? Here is a short list of the benefits of a high wall split air conditioning system to consider.
  • Easier installation – High-wall split systems are the easiest, quickest and least obtrusive way to get air conditioning in your home or workspace which also makes it the most affordable option.
  • Re-usable – Because high-wall split systems are easy to install, they’re also cheap and easy to un-install. So, if you move houses or offices, you can take your system with you. This is perfect for renters and landlords.
  • Energy Efficiency –Modern high wall systems nowadays are more energy efficient than ever before. So, when compared to older high-wall split systems, or even window type air conditioning systems, the energy consumption is generally significantly less.
  • Cheaper repair maintenance & replacement costs – there are a few factors that make a high wall split system cheaper to maintain. For one the, fact that the fan coil/indoor unit is not concealed and easily accessible means if a faulty component in your fan coil unit needs replacing, there is generally no need to cause any damage to you home or pull apart large parts of your system to replace the component. The cheaper price point of the system also means that if a major component like the compressor or PCB fails it can often be more viable to upgrade and replace the system rather than the part as compared to ducted air conditioning systems.

What Is A Multi-Split System?

While a traditional split system set up consists of one fan coil/indoor unit connected to one outdoor condenser unit, a multi-split air conditioning system allows for upto 4 or 5 multiple fan coil units to connect to one single condenser/outdoor unit

This type of setup also allows for different combinations of indoor fan coil unit types to be connected to the same condenser/outdoor unit. For example, you can have a high-wall mounted type indoor fan coil unit installed in one room and bulkhead type indoor fan coil unit in another. More so, each fan coil unit on a multi- split system has a separate temperature control making them a versatile option.

There are a few convincing factors that would make installing a multi-split air conditioning system in your home or workspace the recommended option. Read below to see if a multi-split system is right for you.


The Benefit Of Installing A Multi-Split Air Conditioning System In Your Home.

Not sure whether installing a multi-split system is suitable for your home or workspace? Here is a short list of the benefits of a multi-split air conditioning system to consider.

  • Versatility & functionality – multi-split air conditioning systems allow for different combinations of up to 4 or 5 fan coil/indoor units to be connected to one condenser/outdoor unit. So, if you’re looking to have a high wall mounted type indoor unit in one room, a cassette type unit in another, a floor standing unit in the next etc, then a multi-split air conditioning system is the right system for you. More so, each fan coil unit can be controlled independently from one another. This allows for customized climate control throughout various zones in your home or office.
  • Alternative to a ducted system –a multi-split air conditioning system can be a great alternative to a ducted system if the space in your roof or underfloor is restricted. Another factor that makes this a great alternative is your freedom to choose which sections of your space you need climate controlled generally making this a more affordable option.
  • Convenient & economical – Whilst you’ll be forgiven for thinking that having multiple indoor fan coil units running throughout the house, each with its own fan motor and electrical components, might be taxing on your electricity bill, you’d still be wrong. Indoor fan coil units are made up of low energy consuming parts, it’s the outdoor motor doing most of the work. Therefore, when compared with the option of installing multiple stand-alone split systems, multi-split systems are generally the far more economical option.
  • Space-saving installation – If you’re looking to a have multiple rooms in your home or workspace climate controlled, without having to have multiple outdoor condenser units scattered around the exterior of your home, or even if your simply lack the space to do so, then installing a multi-split air conditioning system is a great solution
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