Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Maintaining any HVAC System is critical in ensuring the system works at its maximum potential and increasing the longevity of its life cycle. Just like a car, it is important that the system is serviced regularly to keep it working efficiently. We here at Everon Air understand the inconvenience of a system breakdown and offer our clients complete peace of mind by providing an affordable and comprehensive preventive maintenance service that could potentially save you money. Our technical support team are experienced with all major HVAC brands and products and are equipped to handle any problem your system might be faced with in a timely manner. From leaks to faulty components, Everon Air can repair or replace your HVAC system and get it working efficiently again. Whether it’s just a one-off service or ongoing contract, we advise all of our clients to keep their HVAC systems regularly maintained at least once a year and equip them with DIY maintenance processes they can do themselves in order to limit maintenance expenses from unnecessary call outs.

Our Maintenance Procedures

Our maintenance procedures include:

  • Cleaning and Replacing air filters
  • inspecting refrigerant levels
  • inspecting and lubricating internal system components
  • Overall inspection of air leaks and motorised dampers.
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check thermostat level
  • Refresh filters and micro filters (in evaporator units)
  • Examine evaporator and valves
  • Check temperature controls (Isolators and remotes)
  • Flush or blow out condensate drain line (if required)
  • Check excessive vibration
  • Check operating temperatures (Air on/off)
  • Check and clean evaporator drain pan and flush
  • Check general performance & Report promptly any defects or risks (On service report sheet if necessary)
  • Clean inside and outside casing of evaporator & condenser unit (coils and fins)

Our service is complimented by our reliable and responsive service team. We make a conscious effort to work around your schedule and ensure our service staff are available on time, all the time. 

Our Repair Procedures

Our team perform a thorough inspection of your system in a timely manner to avoid any extra costs. Starting from just $99.00 incl. GST, you are covered for the first 30 minutes of diagnostics with a further $77.00 incl. GST for each additional hour thereafter, though typically we diagnose the issue within the first hour.

We Will:

  • Inspect and diagnose the issue
  • Inform you of a cost of repair including parts & labour.
  • Once the cost is approved by you, will commence repair of your system.

If your system is older than 10 years or shows substantial wear & tear, or suffers from major faults like burnt out compressors, PCBs & fans, we usually recommend you replace your system. If you do decide to replace your system, our experts will then perform a full inspect & provide you with a quote at no extra charge.

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